Please reserve the date for the next IBPSA Project 1 Expert Meeting, to be held on Monday and Tuesday, October 1 and 2, 2018, in or around Paris.

The meeting will be hosted by Valentin Gavan from Engie Lab. The exact location will be announced when we secured the facilities, but it will be in or around Paris. The meeting will have a similar structure to the meeting in Berlin.

For now, please mark these dates on your calendar. We will send an update when the location and agenda solidifies, and when the registration of the meeting is open.

Who should attend? Attendance at the Expert Meeting is required for Organizational Participants (see, but other participants who intent to actively contribute to the IBPSA Project 1 are encouraged to also attend. These meetings are important to coordinate the work within the tasks and among the tasks.

See for membership levels and for tasks and work plan.