IBPSA Project 2

Community Development and Usage of BOPTEST


IBPSA Project 2 is operated under the umbrella of the International Building Performance Simulaton Association (https://ibpsa.org/). The Project develops BOPTEST software infrastructure, emulators, and related extensions to meet the growing needs of building and urban energy system controls development and evaluation worldwide. Software development continues under the same open-source license to facilitate community development and to enable access to all, including third-party developers to build applications utilizing BOPTEST. The anticipated generalized outcomes are as follows:

  1. Outreach and community building activities that encourage community feedback on development and usage.
  2. Enhanced framework software infrastructure for improved performance and additional features.
  3. New emulators representing additional application scopes of interest to the community.
  4. Benchmark performance results from control strategy solutions using BOPTEST.

Details of the work plan, participation, and meetings are available on the menu bar on the left.

BOPTEST development started within the IBPSA Project 1 Work Package 1.2. With IBPSA Project 1 ending in Summer 2022, a proposal for a new IBPSA Project focusing on continued BOPTEST development and usage was approved by the IBPSA Board on July 12th, 2023, leading to the start of IBPSA Project 2.

Co-Operating Agents

David Blum, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Lieve Helsen, KU Leuven, Belgium