Multi-Infrastructure Modeling of Smart and Connected Communities

This case study evaluates interdependent energy, transportation, and communication infrastructure for the design and operation of future smart and connected communities. To assess interdependencies, three case studies of gradually increasing complexity are included (energy, energy + transportation, energy + transportation + communication). The test community consists of three blocks (two residential, one commercial) with mixed building types; renewable generation (solar PV, wind); power grid connection; IEEE 16 node distribution feeder; electric vehicles; wireless communication network; and interconnecting roads, power lines, and transmission lines. Quantitative analyses show that the deviation of the average velocity on the road can be 10.5% and the deviation of the power draw from the grid can be 7% with or without considering the transportation and communication system at the peak commute time, indicating the presence of notable interdependencies.

Schematic of interdependent infrastructure systems
Fig.1 - Schematic of interdependent infrastructure systems

Modelica model for one block
Fig.2 - Modelica model for one block


Thermal zoning
Number of buildings 1300 residential houses / 5 offices / 5 strip malls / 5 restaurants
Number of thermal zones (per building) 1
Complexity of thermal zone model Low order
Coupling/Decoupling between district network and buildings Decoupling

Simulation tool Dymola
Modelica libraries Buildings / SCC
Additional packages/workflows/scripts -

Computational settings
Simulation time One day
Computational time 200-300 s
Solver and tolerance Dassl / 1e-4
CPU speed 3.5 GHz
Kathryn Hinkelman (University of Colorado at Boulder - USA)
Xing Lu (University of Colorado at Boulder - USA)
Yangyang Fu (University of Colorado at Boulder - USA)
Jing Wang (University of Colorado at Boulder - USA)
Wangda Zuo (University of Colorado at Boulder - USA)
Qianqian Zhang (Virginia Tech - USA) Walid Saad (Virgina Tech - USA)
[1] X. Lu, K. Hinkelman, Y. Fu, J. Wang, W. Zuo, Q. Zhang, W. Saad 2019. “An Open Source Modeling Framework for Interdependent Energy-Transportation-Communication Infrastructure in Smart and Connected Communities.” IEEE Access, 7, pp. 55458-55476.
[2] X. Lu, Y. Fu, W. Zuo 2018. “Modeling of Smart Community Infrastructure Accounting for the Interdependencies Among Energy, Transportation and Communication Networks.” 2018 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild (BPACS 2018), pp. 250-257, September 26-28, Chicago, IL.