Forecast Generation

Forecaster Module

A forecaster module is developed to retrieve forecast from a BOPTEST testcase, which is needed for predictive controllers. This module uses the data_manager object of a test case to read the deterministic forecast from the testcase wrapped.fmu. In future developments it will be possible to request stochastic forecast with a predefined distribution over the deterministic forecast for research purposes. This distribution will be added on the top of the deterministic forecast mentioned before.

The controller developer can choose the prediction horizon and interval of the forecast from the actual simulation time. The controller developer may also filter the forecast for a specific data category or request all data variables and filter it afterwards.

Getting Weather Forecasts Across Year-End

The data in TMY weather files used in BOPTEST test cases are discontinuous at the end of the year relative to the start of the year. Therefore, so is the weather data in the .csv files supplied for weather forecast generation. As an example, see the relative humidity in the figure below (orange line). If weather forecasts are asked for that cross year-end, the data_manager object used by the forcaster module splits the data at year-end into one portion that is inclusive of the last data point at the end of the year (midnight), and one portion after the end of the year that is not inclusive of the first data point at the start of the year (midnight). The implementation is done this way so that the forecast is more consistent for any interval through the full first year if a user only intends to simulate one year. The relative humidity plot below shows the interpolation behavior of the implementation graphically for forecast intervals of 1800s and 123s (intervals used in the unit tests), compared to the reference weather boundary condition data at 1800s intervals in the .csv file.


Forecast retrieved across one year for intervals of 1800s (blue) and 123s (yellow) compared to the reference data in the boundary condition .csv file (orange), shown for relative humidity.